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There is no argument about how the United Arab Emirates has made its mark in the business world by taking the center-stage in the Middle Eastern region in the past many decades. The companies from all across the globe have thronged Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the last many years to set up their businesses to tap regional markets like Middle East, North Africa, South Africa, Europe, South Asia, South East Asia, and Central Asian States. This massive influx of foreign business players has turned the UAE into the most sought out business destinations in the world. However, setting up a business in Dubai needs proper information and research, which is why it is always recommended to hire the services of a professional public relations company to make your job easier.

Initially, the foreign business players used to show hesitation in setting up their companies in the UAE, largely due to the fact that they had to share the ownership of their companies with a local resident. However, with the passage of time, and thanks to the local PRO service providers, the misconception has very much faded away. The foreign companies didn’t know about various other options of establishing their business in the UAE. Now they know they have the option of setting up their business arms in various free zones located in Dubai and other states of the Emirates. Most of the foreign companies are interested in the business opportunities in Dubai free zones largely due to the massive tax benefits like zero percent corporate and personal tax. Moreover, they enjoy 100 percent ownership of their offshore companies in the Dubai free zone while they are allowed complete profit and capital repatriation. These offshore companies also don’t have to pay withholding tax in the free zones.

The free zones, established in and around Dubai, have the best strategic location as compared to other free zones in other states of the United Arab Emirates. There are over 20 free zones located in the state of Dubai, of which the most notables are Dubai Internet City, Dubai International Financial Center, Dubai World Central, Jebel Ali Free Zone, and Dubai Maritime City. Most of these free zones offer the same set of benefits and advantages to the foreign companies. If you want to set up your new business or want to shift your existing international company to any of the many Dubai free zones, you may get more details at the following link.

Business Services
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