Gifts You Can Give For Your College-Bound Kids


College is a big step for your kid. It is the time where he will be independent from you and will be living on his own. To commemorate this new phase, giving them a memorable gift that will make them remember home while they are away, living in the university or send them a starting pack to help them adjust the university life.

Here are some ideas that parents can use when buying gifts for new university students:

  • Starter Pack


A starter pack can be anything, but basically it would be a set of things that can help new students adopt to their new environment. The most common starter packs are toiletries that tye students can use during their stay at the university. There are gift shops that offer this kind of gift packages. But you can also make your own. Simply bring a basket and put all the toiletries and shower essentials creatively on the basket. Send it to your kid along with note!


  • Healthy binging pack


It is hard to track what your kid is eating while he is away. But you can remind them to have a healthy snack once in a while by sending him a care package containing gluten-free snacks and health bars for bed binging while studying. Gift shops offer ready-made student gift or snacks. They can even customize the selection for parents who wants to personalize their care package to their kids at the uni.



Students are always looking for ways to make their studies a little less difficult and some of their classes require tools. Make your kid’s college life a little easier by sending him couple of university essentials that he needs. You might need to ask your kid about the requirements he needs at school. Or you can send him a generic uni package, like stacks of pens, post its, and notebooks he can use for his classes.


  • Entertainment essential


Students also need to take a break once in a while. For a breather, send your kid an awesome entertainment essentials he can use during his spare time. This can be a little tricky as you might need to dig a little deeper into your kid’s hobbies and past time activities. For generic entertainment gifts, sending him a month’s worth of movie subscription for them to take advantage of.


  • Dorm room essentials


Toiletries are not just the dorm room essentials that your kid needs. Maybe he might be needing a new set of sheets and towels to replace the ones he’s been using for ages. Be sure that the color and the design is to your kid’s liking.

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