Growth of British Schools in Dubai

The education sector in Dubai has witnessed remarkable growth in the past few decades, largely due to a larger influx of people from other countries who relocated to the United Arab Emirates in search of better career opportunities. The British International School Dubai is also one of the schools that have excelled in imparting quality education at affordable rates to the kids of overseas workforce that has been driving the local economy. The prospects of future growth of the education sector are looking even more sparkling for the times ahead.

According to the latest Dubai Private Education Landscape report, published in May this year by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), around 120 new private schools are likely to set their feet on Dubai soil by 2026. The report highlighted that enrolments in private schools have almost doubled in the last 10 years in Dubai. The figure is set to reach 470,000 by Year 2026. Dubai’s private schools enroll a total of 273,599 students by the last academic year. The enrolment is growing at a decent 6.6 percent per year.


There is Always Room at the Top

Currently, there are 185 private schools in Dubai alone, which are operating at 88.6 percent occupancy rate. It means that despite a huge number of schools already operating in Dubai, there is still need for more private schools to cater to the flourishing education sector. These schools are catering to a global community of kids that represents 187 nationalities. Indian students took the lion’s share in the pie with 93,013 enrolments last year, followed by the local nationals with 29,843 enrolments. The top five nationalities also include Pakistan, Egypt, and the United Kingdom, the report mentioned.

Only 13 private schools in Dubai are teaching the curriculum designed by the UAE’s Ministry of Education while 73 private schools follow the British curriculum, which makes them more than one third of the total number of schools. 33 other private schools follow Indian curriculum while 43 teach the American system. However, the number of students in Indian schools surpasses the enrolments at the American schools.

The future looks bright for the growth of private schools in Dubai as the expatriate populace is currently on the rise in the UAE and while job opportunities continue to grow, the size of the influx is set to grow bigger in the times to come. In this competitive environment, it is a hard task for any school to stand out. However, this school still manages to come out as a star performer in the list of British schools in Dubai.

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