Lead paint test can help you protect your children from health hazards

Lead is an extremely strong substance that has the potential to cause a number of health problem in case it gets swallowed or inhaled by an individual. Lead found in paint can easily get mixed up with dust and soil around the house, particularly when the paint started shedding or peeling off. Children in particular might end up swallowing the element during their regular hand to mouth activities, which is why lead paint test must definitely be carried out.

Just in case children come in contact with lead found in painting works in Dubai, especially those that are 6 years-old or younger, the health hazards that they would face are extremely dangerous. For example, it can cause behavioral and learning disabilities, can harm the nervous system and even slow down their growth. This proves how important it is for you to be careful about the presence of lead in your house.

Lead can cause immense commotions around your place because of its ability to merge with soil or dust. If you plan on getting your house repainted or renovated, it is necessary for you to get it tested for lead by a certified paint expert on every single surface that you wish to get sanded, renovated or even scraped. According to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, the reduction of lead hazards while renovating your place would provide essential strategy for the renovation or remodeling of your place.

The fact is that paint does not comprise of lead anymore, but that does not mean that you should stop being careful. Lead is just about everywhere, may it be dust, dirt or even old house paint. However, what is most unfortunate is the fact that it cannot be seen, tasted or smelt. Moreover, the health hazards associated with lead poisoning can impact a number of different parts of your body and bring about significant distress.

But the damages caused by lead poisoning do not show up instantly. It takes time for them to develop. Moreover, the problems continue to intensify as the level of lead present in the blood continues to rise. The worst part is that lead poisoning can also turn fatal.

The possible complications that lead poisoning can cause are inclusive of reduced IQ, kidney damage, behavioral issues, slowed body development and hearing impairment etc. Believe it or not, but one out of every eleven children in America suffers from high levels of lead in their bodies. If your child appears healthy, it does not mean that he cannot have excessive levels of lead in his body, considering the fact that even children that have a very healthy appearance can have high lead concentrations in their bloodstreams.  For details, visit NumberOne-Cleaning.com right away.

So, how is it that people can ingest lead within their bodies? The answer is simple, if you place your hands over or touch objects that are covered with lead chips or dust and then place the same hand inside your mouth, for, let’s say, eating something, the lead chips are introduced into your body. If there are renovations going on at your place, you might even breathe in lead dust.

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