Scaffolding Regulations That Every Construction Companies Needs To Implement scaffolding supplier in Dubai

In construction projects, regulations and policies are set to ensure smooth flow of work and safety measures are followed, especially when using equipment such as a scaffolding system. Workers are expected to follow these regulations. But the contractors should also go the extra mile to ensure that individuals working on site are reminded of standard operating procedures – from using the aluminium tower scaffold to dismantling the equipment.

Here are some simple regulations that contractors and construction companies can implement to remind their workers on proper usage of scaffolding systems or any construction equipment:

  • Train workers on a regular basis


Although workers are briefed and oriented about the project and the safety measure before they are deployed on site, there is still a chance that they may forget the safety policies during their stint with the company. Going through the project without understanding and internalizing the SOP and the procedure can be dangerous. Make it a habit to remind the workers about safety guidelines from time to time. Conducting safety trainings during projects would help instill important information in the worker’s mind.


  • Use tags and labels


Your scaffolding supplier in Dubai would probably give you a manual upon purchase of the system, along with the tags and labels. Put these tags and label to good use. Scaffolding tags and labels can communicate important information about the system such as maximum loading capacity, usage, and safety measures. Be sure that the tags can be seen by the users.

The tags can also be used to inform individuals about the status of the system, whether it is not yet complete, for inspection, or not for use. This would warn users to avoid systems that are in critical condition.

  • Conduct inspections


Regular inspection is necessary to see whether the scaffolding system is still suitable for use. The foreman and the site manager are usually the ones who do the inspection. Using the tags, record and document the findings and inform suppliers if a replacement of any parts or mechanism is in order.


  • Use big signs

If small tags aren’t enough, you may need to use bigger signs to serve as a reminder. Signs should be used to remind workers of potential dangers as per OSHA regulations and provide quick and clear information on safety measures.


  • Huddle at the end of the project


At the end of the project, be sure to meet with the team leaders to discuss what worked and what didn’t work, including the use of the scaffolding system. The findings that the team will gather can be used for improving policies on their next projects.

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