What these 3 inspirational leaders can teach us about project management


Becoming an inspirational leader doesn’t come easy. This particularly holds true when millions turn to you to seek guidance over business aspects like project management. Seriously, there are so many elements to pay attention to considering that your quotes and sayings will continue to remain a significant source of enlightenment and enrichment for human.

If you take a course at one of the many training centers Abu Dhabi 2017, you will learn that the lives of inspirational leaders have much to teach us considering that their insightfulness and wisdom teaches us how many of our goals can be achieved in life. Given below is a bit of information about three prominent inspirational leaders of our times, and what they have to teach us about project management:

  1. Leonard R. Sayles

Dr. Leonard R. Sayles acquired a doctorate degree in Industrial Economics from MIT. Since then, he had served as a professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business for more than 40 years. He now holds the position of Emeritus in the university. He has dedicated much of his life to assist in the transformation of traditional notions of business leadership. For this purpose, he is known to have written several books, and initiated plenty of research projects as well. He received several national awards as well due to his dedication. A majority of his work has also been published in Latin America, Asia and Europe.

To begin with, his life has taught us that project management involves gathering together the right people, with the right skills so as to formulate a competent team – a team that can achieve things successfully. Dr. Leonard’s very own project management helped him achieve high positions, as he served as an advisor to the head of NASA during its formative years.

  1. Walt Disney

One of the most popular quotes by Walt Disney involves him saying that out of all the things he had ever done, the most important was that of managing the people that worked for him and getting them to achieve goals. Walt Disney’s life is packed of achievements for us to learn from. However, as this quote implies, he owed much of it to project management. This helps us learn about the important role that project management plays in the growth and development of a business. With all the talent pool of an organization focused on the attainment of certain goals, there’s nothing that can stop it from reaching heights of success. Visit website for more details.

  1. K. Tate

For those who don’t know, Katherine Tate is a past board member of ASTEC Global Consultancy and is one of the finest inspirational leaders in terms of project management these days. Kate’s life shows that she possesses impeccable project management skills, which is perhaps why she managed leading such an expansive global network. Her belief in the importance of project management shows that projects simply cannot be completed successfully without adequate management.

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