You Need to Know These 6 Interesting Facts Related to Sea Freight Services


Cargo shipping is more complex than we think it is. Majority of us would not even care about the origin of our sneakers and even the gasoline of our cars. Very little among us understands how these ethically good products came across the high seas. To give you some background, we’ve listed down six interesting facts related to sea fright services.


Sea freight remains one of the most availed cargo solutions globally.


More or less 90% of imported and exported goods are transported by the sea. Cargo companies in Abu Dhabi and from different parts of the world has been offering door to door sea freight services to securely ship bulk and heavy items.


Sea freight is very affordable.


Many businesses rely on this type of shipment because its cost is much more affordable than the other types of cargo delivery.


Sea freight do not harm the environment.


Contrary to what some people think, sea freight does not contribute to water pollution. The normal causes of water pollution in most countries include improper handling of garbage, improper mining initiatives, oil spills, and bad fishing methods.


The accumulated distance traveled by a cargo ship per year is really far.


According to research, a busy cargo ship sails for about 75% of the travel distance to the moon and back to the earth annually. In a span of 20 years, a cargo ship probably sails the travel distance to the moon and back for more or less ten cycles.


Two of the largest shipping merchants in 2016 are from Asia.


In 2016, Panama, Indonesia and Japan were hailed as the largest shipping merchants in terms of fleet. Though Japan boasts of housing the largest shipping company in the world, in the global seas transportation, however, Panama has shipped the largest deadweight tonnage followed by Indonesia.


The shipping industry has experienced massive pirate attacks and hijacking a few years back.


According to the world shipping council, there were 439 pirate attacks in 2011. In addition, around 45 merchant vessels suffered from hijacking worldwide. Huge rate of attacks came from the coast of Somalia which are considered higher than the volume of crime violence in South Africa. The Somali pirates used the merchant vessels they stole as the mother ships to hijack other vessels in the Arabian coastline and India.


Do you want more trivia? Reach out to the freight forwarding companies near you.


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