Why Some Women Go Through A Breast Reduction Surgery

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Although breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedure that women subscribe to, but they are some who go through breast reduction in Dubai to reduce the size of their breasts.

Bigger breasts may look attractive for some, but are some women who prefer to have moderate-sized breast over bigger ones and here’s why:

  • Back pain woes

If you are constantly feeling pain in the back and you have gone through checkups and therapies but you still feel that unceasing back pain that is causing you discomfort, then the size of your breasts might have to do with it. Contrary to the popular belief, your bigger breasts can cause strain on the back muscles which might be causing the pain. Consult with a therapist or a Dubai cosmetic surgery clinic to check whether your hypothesis about this is true.


  • Discomfort during strenuous activities

Another reason why some women for a breast reduction is due to discomfort. It might not be causing pain, but during activities that entails running or jumping, women with bigger breast feel the discomfort and they get in the way of being active for some. To prevent this from happening, some women up their clothing support to keep their breasts in place. But to permanently remedy such, it would be best to reduce the size of the breasts.


  • Causing poor posture

Most women that have bigger breasts feel the decline of their posture due to the size and weight of their breasts. An additional weight on the breast can cause strain to your muscles and bones. And if the bones are not strong enough hold that much weight, then expect that your posture would take the brunt of all this. To prevent this from happening, some opt for a breast reduction procedure. Once the size of the breasts are reduced, patients will feel much lighter.


  • Saggy-looking breasts

Other may not see it, but for those women who have saggy looking breast due to size dilemmas, it can cause some confidence problems. Increase in size can pull down your breast, added the pull of gravity. To prevent the breast from further sagging, some women for a reduction procedure to eliminate the excess fat from the breast.



  • Increase body confidence

The popular belief around is that the bigger the breast are, the better they look. But it can be a case to case basis. For some, it might not look to good for them and it can cause negative effect on their self-esteem.

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