How to Enjoy your Dubai Safari Visit

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The safari is one of the most booked tours in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As much as you want to believe the it is all just sand, you may find yourself correcting your previous statement as there are a bunch of activities and sights to see when you go for the best desert safari in Dubai. The picturesque scenery of the desert, especially during sunset will definitely captivate you.

But you need to remember some things before you go for your safari adventure. These preps will help you to enjoy your trip better and make the most out of it. If you are looking into making a trip in the safari, take these things in mind.


  1. Do not forget the essentials

The trip is not going to be as long as you imagined it would be, so do not bring your luggage. As small backpack would do. It should contain the following: a change of clothes, sunscreen, sun glasses, and your camera. You can also bring your medicines just in case you need to take it, extra batteries or pocket charger and a good book. Reading under the desert sky is something that a lot would like to do.


  1. Eat a light meal

Other would think that it will be a long ride so they opt for a heavy meal. They you might get dizzy since it will be a bumpy light. Eat light before you leave. Do not worry about getting hungry as your tour may provide food and there are food stalls and restaurants where you can buy food and water.


  1. Go for comfy outfit

Expect a lot of movement and walking so be sure to wear comfortable outfit. Light material is advisable as the temperature may not be forgiving, especially for the uninitiated. If you are going to stay for the night, bring a cardigan to keep you warm through the night. For your footwear, choose an open-toe sandals, thongs, or slipper to make your feet comfy all the time.


  1. Try out the rides

The dune bashing and camel ride is one of the highlights of the trip so do not miss this out. The dune bashing may look dangerous but trust that you are in the good hand of professional drivers and the 4WD are built to this kind of terrain.


  1. Enjoy the local’s hospitality

One you get into the desert, get to know the locals – from your guide to the people in the desert. You will know a lot from their way of life and you will be able to expand your knowledge and it might change your perspective.

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