Elements That Can Make Your Exhibition Booth Stand Out

Exhibitions is a great opportunity for companies to showcase what they can offer to the public. It is also great for closing sales and have face-to-face interaction with prospective clients and customer. And to achieve this goal, having an outstanding exhibition stand design is a must and knowing these elements would help to build a one-of-a-kind booth design that would serve your purpose.



  1. Unique theme

Having a theme on your exhibition stand will send a clear message to your target audience. This is probably what your contractors would ask you upon the initial meeting. Clients should be able to identify the theme of their booths based on what the stake holders agreed upon. From there, booth designers would be able to draw inspiration on what the design would look like. Be sure to formulate one before the meeting.


  1. Outstanding graphics

The graphics would be the visual representation of your message. Ensure that you graphics is in-line with your vision and theme. Graphic designers would need to know what specific image to use to capture the attention of the audience. But the graphic design should not be cluttered as it might ruin the entire design. A clean and crisp graphic would surely be an eye-catcher.


  1. Interactive features

Interactive features can help attract attention and get the audience to participate. You can include interactive gadgets to indulge the audience. Show AVPs and motion graphic videos on your booth to make the people curious. You can also add fun games with amazing prices to further push the participation of the audience.


  1. Unexpected materials

Exhibition design should not be limited to wood and steel. Depending on the design and theme, you can incorporate other materials like fabric to add a dramatic effect on your exhibition stand. You can use this as a drape or serve as a partition to divide your exhibition booth areas. It can also soften the look of your solid design, if necessary. Ask the creatives what other materials you can use for your booth design.


  1. Sound effects

Push the drama by using sound effects. A lot of artist use sounds and music to make their installation more dramatic and effective. It can help on creating the mood on your booth. Invest in good sound effects that complement your team. You can also play upbeat music to entertain booth visitors.


Read more about exhibition design elements by visiting this site.

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