Reasons of Using Bentonite Clay on Your Face

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Bentonite does wonders to your skin. Your skin problems are not big enough to cost you your sleep. You can find it by the name of Aztec Indian healing clay in Dubai. You will be amazed to see how useful it is for your skin. Let’s see what the bentonite clay as in store for you.

Unclogging and Minimizing the Skin pores

Large pores on the face are embarrassing as well as heat breaking. The pores are not limited to any specific skin type. They get clogged with the uncurbed pollution that has now become the reality of modern times.

To shrink the pore size and to extricate the germs and dirt stuck, bentonite would make the perfect mask. It can remove the marks and land you with a fresh and smooth skin.  Your skin is not an old potholed road, don’t make it look like one. Add a little lime to the clay to make it more effective.  Leave it on your face for 30 minutes, as the mask would dry rinse it with warm water. Do it twice a week and you will get a fresh-looking skin.

Stops Excessive Sebum Production

Oily skin has its own set of problems. Acne is the usual outcome of an excessively oily skin. The sudden outbursts are really painful especially if you an event coming up. The blackheads and whiteheads are equally disturbing. These are the result of bacteria that gets stuck in the hair follicle on the skin. If you wish for a soft, blemish-free skin, use the clay till the blemish is gone.

No more Toxins

The negative ions in the bentonite clay draw out the toxins which have positive ions. All the impurities ball together and are drawn out of your skin. This makes room for oxygen that improves the skin tone and helps in blood regulation. To improve the blood regulation and for detoxification, it is best for you to try the detox tea bootea in UAE. It can also help in bring down the PH levels in the blood. This naturally has a positive effect on your skin and body mechanism.

There is more to the benefits associated with the use of bentonite clay that you can take advantage of. The bentonite clay is an invaluable treasure that brings you so much of health advantages at a price that makes it almost free in comparison to what it has to offer you.

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