Bathroom Furniture You’ll Love In 2023

Bathroom Furniture You'll Love In 2023

As we enter the year 2023, the world of bathroom design continues to evolve with new trends and innovations. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel or simply looking to update your space, choosing the right furniture is essential. Here are some of the bathroom furniture trends for 2023 that are sure to capture your heart and elevate the style and functionality of your bathroom.

Floating vanities:

Floating vanities have been gaining popularity in recent years, and they are expected to continue their reign in 2023. These sleek and modern vanities are mounted directly to the wall, giving the illusion of floating above the floor. Not only do they create a sense of spaciousness, but they also make cleaning the bathroom floor a breeze. Floating vanities come in various styles, from minimalist designs to those with built-in storage options, allowing you to find the perfect match for your bathroom.

Matte black finishes:

Matte black finishes have been a popular choice in kitchen design, and now they are making their way into bathroom furniture. From faucets and showerheads to vanities and towel bars, matte black is a bold and elegant choice that adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom. This trend is expected to thrive in 2023, offering a sleek and modern alternative to traditional chrome or brushed nickel finishes.

Smart bathroom mirrors:

Technology has made its way into every aspect of our lives, including the bathroom. Smart bathroom mirrors are becoming increasingly popular and are expected to continue their rise in 2023. These mirrors come equipped with features like built-in LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming, and even integrated touch controls for adjusting the lighting and mirror temperature. Smart mirrors not only add a high-tech touch to your bathroom but also enhance your daily routine with their functionality.

Statement bathtubs:

In 2023, bathtubs are taking center stage as statement pieces in bathroom design. Freestanding bathtubs with unique shapes and sculptural designs are gaining popularity. From luxurious clawfoot tubs to modern, asymmetrical designs, these statement bathtubs become the focal point of the bathroom, adding a touch of luxury and elegance.

Multi-functional storage cabinets:

As bathroom storage remains a priority, multi-functional storage cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in 2023. These cabinets combine functionality and style, offering clever storage solutions. Look for cabinets with built-in charging stations for your devices, hidden compartments for storing toiletries, and adjustable shelving to accommodate different-sized items.